Fr. James Mallon

Divine Renovation – from a Maintenance  to a Missional Parish


Father James Mallon is parish priest at Saint Benedict, in the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth, Canada and a member of the Global CatholPicture1ic Alpha Board. Last year, he wrote the bestselling book Divine Renovation, in which he shares insights from his experience of moving his parish “from maintenance to mission”.


According to Fr James, we have lost our urgency to go out and spread the Gospel:


 “We have forgotten that we don’t have a mission, we are mission! We are a missionary Church. Our encounter with Jesus should turn us into missionary disciples, into people who go out and share the good news with others. Because the mission of Jesus is not to go and be disciples, it is to go and make disciples.” 


Building on a solid theological analysis, Fr James moves to pastoral application, looking at how the parish can become what Pope Francis describes as a ‘community of missionary disciples’. 



Divine Renovation has now been translated into French and Spanish and has ignited a flame in the hearts of many priests and church leaders throughout the world who have a desire to see their parish renewed and transformed.


Such has been the popularity of the book that on 13 and 14 June 2016, Father James and St Benedict parish hosted the first ever Divine Renovation Conference.


5 Divine Renovation interviews with Fr James Mallon (15 minutes each)



Click Here to view Part 1 – You Tube Link:

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