CAFE (Catholic Faith Exploration)

Since 1996, with encouragement from the Vatican, we at CaFE have been producing a wide variety of modern and attractive DVD resources for Catholics.

A growing number of Anglican parishes are also successfully using CaFE. We now run a range of missions, retreats and events from around the UK, and our CaFE resources are also available in many other English-speaking countries.

CaFE helps people of all ages in a relaxed, welcoming ‘cafĂ©’ style atmosphere to learn, share and pray together. A whole library of easy-to-run, TV-quality resources is available and is categorised into four main areas:

- Faith Formation – Sacraments – Youth – General Resources
The CaFE courses inspire and empower regular church-goers and also inform those exploring the faith in a modern and non-threatening manner.

CaFE courses are an ideal follow-on to an Alpha course.

CaFE trades as Catholic Evangelisation Services, which is part of CREW Trust (Registered Charity Number 277425).



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