Music Ministry at St Marys

Music Ministry at St. Mary’s


Eucharistic celebrations are the main regular gathering of the community as we seek to worship God with joy through our spoken prayers and through our shared singing.  It is an act of worship designed to be all-inclusive and so whatever service you attend there will normally be opportunities to praise God through songs.
We use Liturgical Hymns Old and New with our own supplement of EXtra songs which contains over seventy songs including several mass settings that follow the new liturgy guidelines.  We are able to do this through the Christian Copyright license which we hold and renew every year.
There are variations in the music ministry at different times and on different occasions here at St. Mary’s.  At the Saturday evening vigil you can sing to the pre-recorded backing music as you praise God.  On Sunday mornings you can lift your voices to the accompaniment of the guitar.  Sometimes there is the support of the organ.
There are also other times where you can participate: Advent, Lent and Pentecost Days; Advent afternoons; Lent stations; Palm Sunday celebrations; other activities and services to celebrate the liturgical seasons.
Anyone wishing to take part more fully through either singing or bringing an instrument can contact Chris Power at 01 706 640 359.

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